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Hello! My name is Ruth Essex.  I am a professional stylist, but more importantly, a stylist with a difference. Ask any of my clients and they will tell you what makes me stand out from the rest; it’s how I actually teach styling. I offer Lessons in Style to my personal clients so they can learn how to style themselves. And I offer Advanced Stylist Training for those who already have experience working as a stylist or an image consultant, so they can take their expertise to a deeper breadth and depth to delight their clients.

The confidence to dress with style can feel elusive; something only others can do. As a member of my Lessons in Style Club, through the monthly lessons and my personal support you will learn how to enhance your own style, Style is not just a look for special occasions, but for every day — the school run, coffee with friends, work, dinner, drinks and travel. I teach real style, for living your best life.

I am excited to show you how to flatter the shape you have, without losing weight and how to feel authentically you. I will guide you in how to use the clothing you already have to enhance your personal style, and how to make thoughtful purchases which match your lifestyle and budget, for a long-term curated wardrobe. Style is as individual as you are, and so is my support, help and guidance. Not only will you gain confidence in yourself, others will notice it too.

If you are a professional stylist/image consultant or similar, then head to my Advanced Stylist Training where you can take your skills and knowledge to the next level. Through the lessons and supporting videos you will soon be finding new ways of engaging with your clients and delighting them. You will have greater professional knowledge and be ale to build upon it lesson by lesson to help your business grow.

If you are wondering how much you can learn from just a single lesson, why not have a look at my Summer Q&A video to see how much advice and how many ideas you can take away to your own closet. Whether you are on the first step of your own personal style journey, and looking for my Lessons in Style Club, or an image professional looking to enhance their career through Advanced Stylist Training, there is no better time to begin than now. Love Ruth x

“Wherever and whenever possible, I try to live my most fabulous life. And if you want that too, join me, and we will take that style journey together. Feeling confident and happy in yourself and your style every day is absolutely possible. Why not start right now? All you need to do is click below to join the ‘Ruth Essex Lessons In Style‘ Club.

Ruth Essex, Stylist and Teacher of STYLE

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Lessons in Style© for Private Clients

For individuals wanting to improve and develop their personal style. Regular monthly lessons and challenges with personalised style advice in this friendly and private members club. Limited spaces available

Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training©

Advanced stylist training (AST) is for stylists and image consultant professionals. (FIPI or AICI members for example.) AST is designed to take your stylist expertise to the next level, helping you learn a greater breadth, and to a greater depth than any of your previous training covered. Can be used for CPD or to help you develop new client work.

Ruth Essex Style Book Club©

I love style books and my bookcase is creaking with over 400 of them! Every few weeks I chose one of them for us all to read and review. As my business has grown, I needed to take a break from this for a while but all the free videos and books reviews are all still available.

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