Advanced Stylist Training

What is Advanced Stylist Training? 

Ruth Essex Lessons in Style©could be the missing link you have been looking for in your stylist’s tool box.  As a professional image consultant, you will have covered all the basics of colour and style in your initial training.  This gave you the skills and knowledge to get your business up and running, to delight your clients, helping them take the first steps on their style journey.  But, what happens next? 

The reality is that your clients do not need their colours analysed over and over again. Unless someone drastically changes weight, once they know their body shape, there is not a great deal of repeat business there either.  And, most clients probably don’t shop with you more than a few times a year.  Your clients love working with you, so what else do you have to delight them?

Lessons in Style Advanced Stylist Training is designed to help you take your expertise to the next level.  It will help you learn to a greater breadth, and to a greater depth than any of your previous training has covered. 

You can use Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training© to differentiate your knowledge and upskill to become one of the elite, top level stylists.  These lessons are not available anywhere else. 

Tell Me More….

Lessons in Style Advanced Stylist Training gives you something new to take to your clients.  The lessons will take your style knowledge much deeper and broader than you’ve covered in your training so far.  They will give you greater credibility as an expert in your field. 

The Advanced Stylist Training Lessons are designed to be taken over a month to embed the knowledge, but the lessons are completely flexible because you can start a lesson at any time, and take at your own pace.  Whenever you are intrigued to learn more about a particular aspect of style, or when you need a new opportunity to work with your clients, you simply select another lesson from the menu of Advanced Stylist Training lessons available.

Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training© are available in three broad categories:

  • Style Principles. These are the next level sets of underpinning knowledge for great style. This is where you will learn why something does, or doesn’t make a great outfit, and how to teach that to your clients. Refinement levels or Beauty Bundles for example.
  • Cultural Styling.  These lessons teach your client, in a pragmatic way, how to identify key style elements based on a specific certain region or country.  How many of your clients would love to know how to add a little more Parisian Chic in their wardrobes?  
  • Designer Influences. Fashion and Design can filter up from street wear style or down from the designers.  This range of lessons teaches you how to extract design and style concepts from across the decades for different designers. My clients absolutely loved the Prada lesson I ran. 

Lessons in Style – Prior Knowledge and Experience 

To get the most benefit from Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training© it is likely you have either covered the basic training in colour and style, or have the equivalent knowledge or experience to build upon. The lessons are designed and written for image consultants and stylists who wish to progress to the next level in their field and want a greater breadth and depth of knowledge in their field.

These advanced lessons may not be for you if you have already found your stylist niche, and are very happy there.  You could have specialist knowledge in an area such as a Colour Psychology or Fashion Feng Shui for example.  Or, it may be that you need more practice and experience with the basics of image consultancy before you move on to Advanced Stylist Training.  If you are not sure, feel free to email me at and we can discuss if Advanced Stylist Training is suitable for you right now or not. 


Why Do I Need These Advanced Lessons in Style?

You will find these lessons especially useful if you have clients you have rarely worked with since you analysed their colours, or conducted a style analysis for example.  This is a way to re-engage with them once again. 

In a world of saturated social media coverage, we have to remind ourselves that it isn’t just other stylists that are in competition with; there are on-line influencers, bloggers and fashionistas who are also taking your potential market. As a professional you need a way to stand out and to be better than the rest.

Your clients may love you, but they also need something new to purchase from you.  My clients are literally giddy with excitement waiting for me to deliver their next new lesson.  They know they are going to learn something new, re-ignite their style, and have a lot of fun whilst they do so.  

Wouldn’t you love to be able to create that level of excitement for your clients?  Wouldn’t it be lovely to learn even more about your subject? Plus you have the double benefit of knowing you can use it both personally and commercially too? 

Why is Advanced Stylist Training Material Such High Standard?

As a Director of Training and Professional Development at Senior Board level, I have a background in lecturing and professional training. I have taught and designed programmes from level 2 to level 7 Postgraduate level, holding a MSc in Strategic Management myself.  

I am a qualified lecturer for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, (CIPD), The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), City and Guilds (C&G) and I have been awarded Professional Membership of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI.)

I have over two decades of experience in professional training and development.  My expertise was recognised when I was selected to re-write the professional development courses for the CMI, setting the new national standards of education and training.  In addition I am a published author in management research and professional development. I was the style expert for for several years, writing and developing new style training material for clients, plus running my own successful styling and style-training business. So, when you add in more than ten years of styling expertise on top of my academic background you get Lessons in Style.   

I have created professional development courses for companies as diverse as Aston Martin to The Metropolitan Police and British Airways.  Through my work with awarding bodies, and specifically the CIPD, I enhanced and delivered the Train the Trainer course. 

This course teaches clients how to design their own in-house courses, using the latest learning theories and practices.  I guided my clients to create innovative programmes through the course design and delivery.  This enabled their learners to have an enjoyable training experience, whilst remaining objective-focussed. 

I have been recognised as an exemplary lecturer and trainer, used as an example of standards of excellence. A course needs to be delivered in a manner that is engaging, pragmatic and interesting for the learners, so it is this skillset I have used to design Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training©.  I am a qualified assessor, verifier and internal verifier too. Assessing learning and giving feedback is a key component, included to help you learn so you can then better help your client.

I reviewed initial image consultant training and I have purposely pitched Advanced Stylist Training at an elevated level.  It is the next level of skills, knowledge and understanding for the experienced image consultant, or stylist professional. My research has not identified anything comparable available for advanced stylist training.


Could I just write my own training material instead? 

You may prefer to write your own professional development material to take to your clients.  It is a fabulous project for those who have the time, research skills and training expertise to do this.

However, I suspect it is quite possible you simply do not have the time to do this.  Certainly not to this level.  Excellence takes time to create; to research, to analyse, to write and to edit.   

I know some of you run your style business on top of another job, or caring responsibilities too.  With everything going on in your life, family and friendships, work and social activities, do you actually have the time and inclination to do it? 

And once you have written the new material, there are the videos to create, produce and edit to support the training.  It is a lot of work, even when you are skilled and experienced in writing lessons and creating supporting video material. (Here is a trailer for you, as an example.)  

Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training© is a an alternative solution to doing all that work yourself.  Buying high quality training is like going to a restaurant and enjoying an amazing meal, rather than cooking at home.  You haven’t had to shop for it, prepare, cook or serve it.  It makes for a very enjoyable experience and there is no washing up afterwards either!  

And with these lessons you get to keep them so you can rewatch the videos or re-read the lessons as often as you wish to. You get the enjoyment of learning about a new element of style, at your own pace, that you haven’t had to spend weeks researching, analysing, editing and creating.   

The lessons are available at an introductory price of $125 or £99 per lesson.  A fraction of the cost of your initial training and you could make back your investment with just one client consultation or workshop. You get to increase your specialist knowledge but also delight your client.  Win-win!

What Makes Lessons in Style So Informative, Interesting and Fun?

When you take your first Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training you will discover quite how much you learn.  It will create so many ‘aha!’ realisation moments for you, which you can then pass on to your clients. 

Each lesson has a clear set of objectives so you know what you will be covering.  After an introduction to the subject, you receive between 30 and 50 pages in each comprehensive lesson.  There are clear written explanations, plus pictorial examples, especially for the visual learner. 

I use a broad range of research materials to create each unique lesson, and you can compound your next level knowledge with each one you take. There is a reason I have a library of nearly 400 different style books, and associated subjects in my office.  The lessons help you clearly understand the concepts, in an accessible way, plus you have optional, and recommended exercises to work through. The range of learning styles used ensure you fully understand the subject being covered.


In addition to the lesson, there is also a video of around an hour to give real examples of how to apply the principles of the lesson, using pieces from my own wardrobe.  (Click the link for a trailer example from Paris in Springtime – 

The video element supports the lesson, but is also particularly helpful in giving you ideas of how you can demonstrate new concepts to your clients when you are working in their wardrobe.  You can also use the video ideas to help you source props for any client workshops you might choose to deliver. 


So, how do I access the Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training? And How Much Do They Cost?

It is possible to access one of my Advanced Stylist Training Lessons for free. There are three steps:

  1. If you are:

A member of the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI), or the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)


2. Sign up for my Style Expert Masterclass on April 21st 2023 7pm GMT. for the link to book your place.


3. Register for my Lessons in Style Advanced Stylist Training mailing list you will receive a free gift of one of my advanced stylist training (AST) lessons and it’s supporting video. This AST material will be referenced in my FIPI Masterclass, on Wednesday April 19th 2023 at 7pm.

Please don’t worry about your in-box getting clogged up as I only send out a newsletter 2-3 times a year . It will inform you of when new Advanced Stylist Training lessons have become available.

How Do I Register?

Once you have booked your place on the FIPI masterclass then please email me at with your full name, your business website, and professional membership number.

If you can confirm you have registered for the FIPI webinar, I will be sending out the supporting training material on the day of the webinar. Each Advanced Styling Training lesson and accompanying video is worth more that £99 or $125 dollars so please make sure you register in advance so you don’t miss out. If you are watching the replay then please confirm this in your email.

You will receive: 

  •  A free Advanced Stylist Training Lesson in Style© for your personal and professional development which supports the masterclass
  • And, around an hour’s video supporting the AST, explaining the concepts of the lesson and sharing real life examples from my own wardrobe.  This is a great place to pick up extra tips on how to demonstrate the concepts to your clients in either a workshop or one-to-one consultation.

Pay As You Go – Advanced Styling Lessons

On my website you will find a section for Lessons in Style – Advanced Stylist Training which takes you to the menu of lessons currently available.  More lessons will be added each quarter, and you can buy a single lesson or multiples of lessons at the same time.  It works on a Pay-as-You-Go basis.

Your purchase will give you access to:

  1. A 30-50 page lesson for you to experience as if you were the client, including optional and suggested exercises to practice implementing the new learning.  It helps you to put yourself in the shoes of your client.  You will learn loads from each lesson, and be reminded of some aspects that you might have taken for granted.  But don’t forget, just because you know these stylist tips and tricks, your client may not do.  This is your specialism, not theirs.  
  1. One or more videos, of around 60 minutes, to give you lots of pragmatic examples, and extra style tips on how to put the lesson into practice, with examples from my own wardrobe.  This will give you tips and ideas as to how you can demonstrate these principles to your client.

The more you know, the better able you are to help your client.  You will increase your specialist knowledge and be more confident in explaining stylist tips and tricks which your clients could otherwise find intimidating or confusing. Your clients are conscious of what they do not know about styling, and with advanced stylist training you can truly wow your clients. 

If any have any questions about the lesson then you can email me on

Introductory Price:

The lessons are available at an introductory price of $125 or £99 per lesson.  A fraction of the cost of your initial training and you could make back your investment with just one client consultation or workshop. So you increase your specialist knowledge but also delight your client too.  Win-win!

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