Beauty Bundles

Advanced Stylist Training

My most popular Advanced Stylist Training lesson shows you how to develop the personal style of any client, especially when they want a seasonal or bigger style reboot. This lesson gives you the underpinning knowledge to accessorise fabulous outfits, every day, in a way your client understands. Here is a trailer for one of the two videos to accompany your 52 page lesson. This month in your Advanced Stylist Training Beauty Bundles lesson we are going to cover:

  1. Understand what a beauty bundle is
  2. Identify what you have that could work in a bundle
  3. Learn how to create your own bundles
  4. Adjust a bundle from one season to another
  5. Create bundles that embrace print
  6. Elevate bundles with texture
  7. Practice creating your own accessories’ led outfits
  8. Test your understanding with the bundle quiz questions

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