VIP Colour Analysis

Essential Underpinning Knowledge

Lessons In Style VIP Colour Analysis plus Special Limited Offer Free Bonus!

Work with me as a VIP client to learn about the colours that make you look fabulous. It is the most comprehensive colour analysis you will ever have. Plus scroll down for a very special bonus offer for my newsletter subscribers.

Your VIP Colour Analysis Lesson in Style Includes:

  1. A three-part lesson, and activities for you to complete
  2. Two supporting videos to take your through the colour analysis activities
  3. Analysis of where you fit along the three spectrums of colour
  4. Your best lightest and darkest neutrals
  5. Your best colours
  6. Suggestions for which palette offers the best fit 
  7. Tips for using a colour swatch
  8. Activities and lesson review

Limited Edition free Bonus!

Once you have completed your colour analysis, you will receive your special bonus! Either a free month in the Lessons In Style Club, including current month’s lesson and video, plus my personal feedback on your outfit posts. Or, for current style club members, chose one of the self-study lessons for free instead!


Buy VIP Colour Analysis in GBP

Buy VIP Colour Analysis in GBP



Buy VIP Colour Analysis in USD

Buy VIP Colour Analysis in USD


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