Contrast Levels

How to Use them to Elevate your Personal Style – Essential Underpinning Knowledge

This lesson provides the knowledge and understanding of how to create outfits that look great on your individual colouring. Even as a professional stylist, I use these concepts every day to tweak an outfit from ok to fabulous. Here is a trailer for the video to accompany your 39 page lesson.

The areas we are going to cover in your Contrast Levels lesson are:

  1. Understand what is value contrast
  2. Identify our own value contrast level using three methods
  3. Recognise different contrast levels within an outfit
  4. Identify the contrast levels of a print or pattern
  5. Understand how to alter the value contrast of an outfit
  6. Enjoy exploring more about contrast levels through the optional exercises
  7. Practice creating contrast level based outfits, using items from your own wardrobe through the posting activities

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