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Hello! Let me introduce myself; my name is Ruth Essex and I am a professional stylist. But a stylist with a difference.  Ask any of my clients, and they will tell you what makes me stand out from the rest, is how I actually teach you how you can style yourself, rather than just give you a list of rules in how to dress more stylishly. Looking and feeling stylish can often feel so elusive; something that others can do yet seems such an uphill challenge for yourself.  

Well I am here to tell you that you can, and will learn how to be stylish, with my personal help.  Not just for that special occasion either. I mean for everyday. Going about your lifestyle. Living your life. With your figure shape, without losing weight, to your taste, to your budget and your personality. There is no cookie cutter output here. Style is as individual as you are, and so is my support, help and guidance. Not only will you gain extra confidence in yourself, others will be able to see that too. 

Wherever, and whenever possible, I try to live my most fabulous life. And if that is what you would like for yourself too, join me, and we will travel that style journey together. Feeling confident and happy in yourself, and your style everyday, is absolutely possible . Why not start right now? All you need to do is click on the link below for one of my style clubs.

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Ruth Essex’s Lessons in Style Club
Description of Ruth Essex’s Lessons in Style Club
Ruth Essex’s Style Book Club
Ruth Essex’s Style Book Club

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