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Ruth Essex’s Lesson In Style Club is the place to be if you want to get to grips with, and really understand, how to develop your personal style. It isn’t just a digital course in a box.  This is very different. You get a regular monthly style lesson, or a quarterly seasonal capsule to inspire you, and, you get regular access to me, a professional stylist, to advise you, individually, on how to tweak your outfit, answering all your style questions. The questions that you want to know about, relating to the looks, the fit, the colours, and the style that you love.  It is a monthly, paid, private members club, with limited places. You will not only learn from me, but also from other group members.

Each month you receive an email, with around 30 pages of style lesson, or quarterly seasonal capsule, written for you to keep. Even if you leave the style club, the lesson still belongs to you. There are outfit post challenges which you can share in our private Facebook group, or just work through when it suits you. There are additional, optional learning activities, and there is always a video of around an hour, from me, to explain the concepts in more depth. I show you how to interpret the trends, giving examples of a range of styles to suit your colouring, your style, lifestyle and personality. This is where I use my trusty rail, pulling out examples from my own wardrobe, to show you how you can apply the style lesson to your own closet. On top of this, I am active in the Facebook group most days, to answer your style questions, give feedback, and offer tweaks on your outfits, to take them to the next level.

Most members can’t wait for my email each month, but you can work through the lesson at your own pace at home, or join in with others, and post in the Style Club private Facebook group.  I know that life gets busy for all of us, so the Style Club is flexible, and works around your lifestyle. You can post your outfits and questions when you have time;  just comment on other people’s posts, and do it all in the privacy of your own home. I would recommend reading the feedback on other members’ outfits too. Why? Because the question they have, might also be the one you were wondering about? Then you will see further examples, and explain why an outfit is, or isn’t working, and what can be done to tweak it.   It is entirely up to you how you use the Lessons In Style Club.  

So where do you think you are in your style journey?

Is style something that you would love to have but it all feels a bit daunting for you? 

Have you seen other women who seem to be able to look great every day, even just running errands? 

If this is where you are, then come and join us. The style lessons start with the underpinning knowledge that helps you pull together great outfits, and we build up from there.  You will learn to understand why one outfit makes you feel great, and why one does nothing for you.

What if you have been a member of a few different style clubs before? Why is this one better?

Maybe you have learnt the basics, even a bit more than that, but somehow you haven’t really changed the way you dress, and have slipped back into old habits again?  Perhaps there was no leader to the group? No access to a professional stylist? No one leading by example and answering your style questions as they came up? Without individual feedback, you may as well just buy a text book. That is different here.  You get regular access to me and my expertise in styling.

What if you have a good grasp on your style already?  But you just want to take your styling to the next level?

Then this is a great place to interact with others who also love playing in their closets; find joy in creating outfits, and sharing our love of style and fashion.  You will soon be feeling at home.

Style is not a static thing, it keeps evolving; a journey, rather than a destination.  I have read over 200 style books, which along with my practical experience of styling women, has also broadened and deepened my knowledge, and expertise in style.  There is always something new to enjoy learning.  

I love spending time with my Lessons In Style Club members and often post my own outfits too, with a break down of what elements worked, and examples of what didn’t, and why.  It is often easier to learn by example. These women are not only my clients, we have all become friends.  We even have group meets to see fashion exhibitions, Style Club member shopping trips, and enjoy the odd glass of wine, or two together.  You will learn about style, but you will also build a new network of friends, who share your interest in making the most of themselves. 

None of us is perfect, but like many of you, I just want to make the best of myself, and to help you make the best of yourself.  And this is the place to learn the tips, and tricks, of how to do it.

And all this is just $35 or £28 per month. You pay monthly and you can cancel your membership any time. I answer your questions, provide individual feedback, and help with all your styling problems. This is all in addition to the Style Lesson itself, which is filled with learning, examples and exercises for you to practice your new skills. On top of that is the video to accompany the lesson, with even more real-life examples, and more styling tips. If you want to get a feel for whether this is for you, or is good value for money, you can read testimonials from my fabulous clients and group members. Take a look to learn more about what it is like to take your style journey with me.

If this sounds like it is the place for you, and you wish to apply to become a member of a Style Club with a difference, then please email me at style@ruthessex.com.  Even if you just have a few questions, and are still not quite sure if it is for you just yet, send me an email and I will get back to you.

I look forward to welcoming you.
Love Ruth x

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