Refinement Levels

Advanced Stylist Training

Refinement Levelsusing knowledge of refinement levels to always be appropriately dressed for any occasion.

This advanced stylist training will give you the knowledge and confidence to identify the refinement level of any outfit. After this lesson you will be able to create and adjust refinements levels to make sure your client is never over- or under-dressed for their personal preferences, and the occasion. Plus you can use my stylist tweaks with refinement levels to take your personal style to the next level. There is a comprehensive 34 page lesson, with accompanying exercises and activities to embed your new knowledge. There are also two videos to accompany this. Here is a trailer for you. Your Advanced Stylist Training Refinement Lesson will cover:

What Your Lessons In Style on Refinement Levels will cover:

  1. Understand the different levels of refinement and how they can be used in your personal style.
  2. Recognise fabrics and items that fit at different refinement levels.
  3. Work through any of your upcoming events/activities, and use your new knowledge to help you decide how to dress for the occasion.
  4. Identify the refinement levels in your own wardrobe 
  5. Test your understanding by creating new outfits

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