Self study Lessons in Style

This is where you can find my Self-Study Lessons In Style. They provide you with in-depth knowledge, on each specialist subject, and all the information you need to become confident in taking your personal style to the next level.

You will learn how to improve your personal style, and gain more confidence in putting your outfits together.  You will receive a 30-40 page lesson, with accompanying activities and exercises to help you implement your learning. There are also videos to support each lesson where I give examples and add further depth to the lesson. Click here to have a look at the trailer for Paris in Springtime – French Girl Chic.

To help you decide which lessons to choose, I have divided them into Essential Underpinning Knowledge Lessons and Advanced Styling Lessons, depending on where you are in your style journey.

The Essential Underpinning Knowledge Lessons are the best place to start to ensure you have all the skills and concepts in your style tool box, to develop your personal style. I have professional stylists take my lessons because it goes into far more detail, and greater depth, than they ever covered in the few days of training they received. So they work for both individuals wanting to improve their personal style, and for industry professionals needing professional development.

Advanced Styling Lessons are for when you have covered the Essential Lessons. You can add any of these when you want to learn more about a specific area of style, or are interested in exploring a new area of style. The range is huge from Paris in Spring time which helps you find your inner French Girl Chic: to Denim, and how to make this staple of our wardrobes the centre of fabulous personal style. I shall be adding more lessons over time as I develop them for self-study. If you are the impatient type, then simply join my Lessons in Style Club and you will receive a new lesson or a seasonal capsule at the beginning of every month. My group get so giddy about the next video and lesson hitting their in-box. It gives them a real treat to look forward every month.

With self-study you can chose when you want to receive a lesson and they are designed to be enjoyed over a month, with a suggested timetable, but you can take the lesson at whatever speed suits your available time scale. There is no need to join the Lessons In Style Club, and you work at your own pace. However, if you do decide to join the Lessons in Style Club, then you can posts your outfits there and get feedback on the activities, outfits and exercises, in a private, safe and friendly environment.

If you want to get an idea of how much you can learn from one of my lessons and video, why not have a look at my Lessons in Style Summer Summer Q&A video? It is free to watch, and you will pick up plenty of hints and tips for your summer wardrobe planning.

What is a Self-Study Lessons In Style? 

I am a professional stylist, but I am also a qualified lecturer, with a background in education and training. And it is through the combination of these two skill sets, that I am able to bring you something unique.  Whilst other style courses are available, because they are not based on the principles of how we learn and understand information. So at the end of those courses, you still don’t fully understand how to take that information, and make it work for yourself.  So, you are left feeling frustrated, as you are no more stylish by the end of it.  This is where my Lessons In Style is completely different. 

Self-study Lessons In Style are designed for the concepts to be understandable, with lots of examples, so the ideas sink in, and you can see why, and how, to apply them, directly to your own personal style.  There are learning activities to help you gain a deeper understanding of the lesson, and there are extra, optional activities too, if you want to cover even more depth on this subject.

Why Self-Study?

Not everyone wants to be part of a group, likes being on Facebook, or maybe you are having a break from social media? You would love to gain more confidence and knowledge about how to style yourself, however, you want to do this in private, in your own time, at your own pace. I have had so many requests for previous Lessons in Style we’d already covered in my private group. This seemed the perfect format to offer those lessons, in a more flexible way.

There is a 30-40 page lesson, with learning activities, and extra optional activities too. Plus there is around an hour’s video, to build upon the lesson, and I share lots of stylist tweaks, hints and tips, showing you different ways of getting the most from your participation.  You will see how to use items from your own wardrobe or closet, and how to practice the activities from this lesson, to achieve more confidence in your own personal style. 

How Much Will I Learn?

I also teach to a higher level, so I have professional stylists take my lessons to deepen their own level of style knowledge, and understanding. My Lessons in Style cover far more on each subject, than even the training courses you can take to become qualified as a stylist. And they cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds too!

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