Why not take a look at what some of my lovely club members think?

Sue Walker Over 60 and Over Here Author of “Retiring the Olë Way
Over the years I have had many colour and style consultations with different stylists, all of whom have been professional and many of whom have been lovely people, but (trust me!) there is only one Ruth Essex. Ruth is not only very professional, she is also a lovely person (both on-line and in person, if you are lucky enough to meet her) and she also has a good sense of humour. What else could you ask for? I have belonged to several different style groups too, but again Ruth is exceptional in the way she gives you advice and helps you become the best version of you. I have noticed how members of the group have grown in confidence and how their style has improved, always as individuals rather than following a formula. Thank you Ruth for helping me become a more stylish and confident over 60 woman (alright, I admit to being over 70!)  (Sue Walker Over 60 and Over Here Author of “Retiring the Olë Way“)
Nancy W. Johnson
I have learned so much from Ruth and the ladies in her Lessons In Style CLub.  Each season she creates a clothing capsule to inspire us, encouraging us to use what we already have in our closet. From there we can plan for future additions as we are able.  As we post our outfits, Ruth gives individualized help and suggestions to encourage us in our personalized style journey. In addition, we have completed a very personal, and fun journey with color, to find our own “best colors”, determining where our colouring sat on the cool/warm scale, dark/light scale, and bright/muted scale.  We have become a warm, caring community as we discover ourselves in new ways, with Ruth Essex as our teacher and mentor. This group has been life changing. I’m probably the oldest in this group, being 82. What a fun journey this is. I only wish I had this when I was a younger woman. Ruth is a warm, down to earth, and liberal with her kind suggestions and personal attention.  She shares her fashion wisdom generously and with sensitivity. Thank you, Ruth!
Fiona Friend
I have been a member of two other style clubs and Ruth’s is way and above the best.  She is not only knowledgeable, and creative with style, she is very professional and manages to give an amazing level of personal advice and support. She really cares about each one of us, and our individual style journeys, and has created a safe and supportive place for us to learn, and share, with an amazing bunch of women.
Ruth’s Lessons In Style Club is fun, informative and I’ve learnt so much.  It’s reinvigorated my wardrobe, helped me to define, and create, my own style, and has given me so much.  I was struggling with retirement and the lifestyle change, and the Style Club has been a tremendous help in stepping out on this phase of my journey,  thanks both to Ruth and this very special group of ladies.
Susan Alesi
I have only belonged to one style club and was fortunate to have you as my mentor, and was happy, when you decided to start you own style club.  You don’t try to change us; just make us better by your positive and prompt feedback . Your knowledge and humor make this such a great fun place to learn about style.  I look forward to each month’s lessons and feel so fortunate to belong to “ Ruth Essex’s Lesson in Style Club“.
Dawn Munse
The Lessons in Style Club is a positive and enriching experience.  It is different from other style clubs in that it provides supportive assistance with whatever your style challenges may be.  I have participated in other clubs, but this one truly has added value to my learning experience. I not only learn what looks good on me, but also why?  The other members are a great, collaborative group. They are supportive, and I look forward to interacting with them every day. It’s not a club where you have to post something constantly, but rather a sharing adventure in style, where you make friends.  Ruth Essex is the jewel of this club. She is down to earth, fun, creative, and really knows her stuff. Her eye for color and fashion is exquisite.
Karen Stier
Why did I choose Ruth Essex’s Lesson in Style Club? Ruth has the ability to make each member feel special as she responds to the postings and questions during each month’s lesson.  She also helps to link members who she sees as similar so that they can exchange ideas. The Club is a lovely mixture of looks from current runway fashions, coupled with ways to integrate those ideas into my current wardrobe. The capsule suggestions are particularly helpful as they provide outfits examples, with multiple samples for each item. But really, it is Ruth herself that drew me to her Club.  She is upbeat, helpful and insightful. She isn’t trying to turn me into a copy of herself, but rather encourages me to explore and develop my own style. And….it’s FUN
Vickie Hutcheson
I love the structure of the Lessons In Style Club.  I love learning new things and practicing them. Ruth’s participation is a key element to the club’s success.  I have participated and belong to several on-line style clubs. What makes Ruth Essex’s Lessons in Style Club stand out above the rest is two things: the first reason is Ruth herself.  As our style mentor and teacher, she is so generous with her time and advice. The second reason is structure.  Each month we have a new theme, or a seasonal capsule wardrobe.  Within the theme we have learning material, and exercises, to put into practice what we are learning.  I love style and clothes, but I want to continue to grow and learn. With Ruth’s style club we are finding out the reasons why something works – not just being told what to do. If you can go to school for style this is it! As a 65+ woman I feel I have lost and regained my style several times in my life.  The club is a great place to learn to dress authentically to who you are “now”. It is well worth the monetary investment, as you are not making as many wrong, costly clothing purchases. Ruth’s style club is a safe environment where we can play dress-up with other like-minded ladies.  I feel I have made friends from all over the world. Ruth and the other ladies of the style club are one of the joyful things in my life.
“When I was a working professional, I knew how to dress.  After retiring, I was at a bit of a loss. I wanted to still have fun with my wardrobe.  Having Ruth’s advice has been like finding a new dear girlfriend, who also happens to be an expert stylist.  I have learned so much about proportions, for the body I have now, and also color and contrast. I can depend on Ruth’s advice to be supportive, kind, yet truthful and educational.  I especially love the capsule wardrobes which encourage me to try new looks in a fresh, and modern way. Ruth has made fashion fun again! Thank you Ruth!”
Jamie Birkett
I began my style journey a bit lost.  My goals were to look my best and make smarter clothing purchases.  Working with Ruth has been a joy. She gives trusted guidance on body shape, color and proportion. Her lessons are filled with practical advice that teaches you how to analyze trends and choose pieces that suit you and your lifestyle.  Before I worked with Ruth I was unsure what clothing in my closet was worth keeping and what should go. I now have dozens of outfits that flatter my figure and match my unique style. If you are tired of fashion by trial and error, I encourage you to work with Ruth.
Esme Howard
I love your photos in your daughter’s bedroom and your collapsing clothes rack 🤣. Truly, your sense of humor,  warmth, intelligence and your wit are why I think we are all here.  And I don’t think there are too many other fashion bloggers out there who make comments like “Yes she looks lovely, but I doubt she enjoys much cake!” (One of my favorite recent comments of yours!)
Mary O’Neil
Ruth Essex please, never change a thing!! You are so real and the information you give us is in no way ever negatively affected by any lack of fussy props, etc.  Where else would we ever get such a wealth of feedback and positivity!! I have only belonged to the one other club, and you were our mentor there too. I have no desire to belong to any other.  I know we have such an abundance here. An abundance of style information, and self-empowerment in the way you enable us to become our own stylists. I love your openness, general sharing and caring.  It’s so fun and uplifting with you, Ruth. You make learning here a joy.
Gina Garrene
Ruth Essex – What makes you head and shoulders above the rest is YOU!  You are of course knowledgeable, but so is everyone else. You however, are funny, kind and personable.  You genuinely care about each of your clients. In fact I don’t feel like a client; rather one of your good friends.  Which is why I can’t wait to get back to London to spend time picking your brain. What is more than amazing, is that you take the time out of your very full life to spend time with us when we are in London.  Tell me how many other stylists would do that?
Autumn Rocco
You and your personal attention are what sets this club apart, in my opinion. This isn’t a formula, one-size-fits-all kind of place.  Feedback is given and tailored to the person, taking into consideration where they are in their style journey, and where they want to go.  Also, it is the best place. I can safely share – give and receive feedback – with this lovely group.
Kattis Ahlgren
Ruth Essex – I agree with everyone that it’s you yourself, with your kindness and personal attention, and special ability to give positive feedback to us, regardless of what style we prefer, that makes this club so special. Also the amazing, caring and supportive group we have here.
Becky Palmer
I love the Lessons In Style CLub because it is not overly large, and like a group of friends which has a deep-founded respect for each other.  All comments have positive feedback and never anything that would offend – it’s about supporting each other. Outside the on-line group, I think it is great how Ruth will take time to meet up in London with us occasionally, and treats us all with equal importance – she must be shattered by the end of a couple of days with us! I love the way challenges are set and we post on scheduled dates (give, or take, a time zone or two!) and the supporting material is well thought about, and delivered effectively to us by email and in the Facebook group.  I like the format of lessons and challenges one month, and then capsules in another. It’s also nice to know that when life gets a bit hectic, we can just post as and when we can. In fact, sometimes when life is busy, it is a good escape from all the chaos, when I can focus on a challenge or two.  When Ruth posts her own example outfits for challenges, she goes into detail about how and why she made her choices, which helps those of us style challenged individuals greatly! The Lessons In Style Club is fab, informative and fun.
Staci Marie Swider
I love the Lessons In Style Club because it is not overly large, and like a group of friends which has a deep-founded respect for each other.  All comments have positive feedback Not only does Ruth provide sound advice and direction for each woman, she goes so far as to teach her the mechanics of figuring it all out for herself, and that leads to true independence.  I am so much more confident in my choices now regarding shape and color, and it’s given me the ability to cultivate my OWN individual style. Invaluable.
Florence Buchanan
Ruth Essex Lessons in Style Club is far superior to any style club I have used. The differences? Ruth truly is a style expert, and she sets the perfect tone for the club. She addresses our needs, ignites our enthusiasm, and establishes a tone  that is encouraging and inviting Unlike other clubs, I’ve never seen a rude comment from the members of Lessons in Style, and they encourage and appreciate each other. On top of that, we have fun lessons, often using unique approaches. Great style club!

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