Why Don’t I Wear That?

The Ultimate Guide to Sorting Through Your Closet and Clearing out – Essential Underpinning Knowledge

If you have had one clear out after another but still have no space, this will help you make decision about what should stay and go and you can be confident you have made the right choices. Here is a trailer video for this lesson https://vimeo.com/765689503 There is a 42 Page Lesson with exercises and a full-length supporting Video. Your Why Don’t I Wear This Lesson includes:

  1. Identifying never, or hardly ever, worn items
  2. Why did you let them in?
  3. Reasons to question keeping them
  4. Saving and styling items
  5. Enjoy extra sorting activities, through the optional exercises
  6. Practice reviewing items in your wardrobe to decide if they deserve to stay, through the posting activities

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Why Don’t I Wear That? in GBP


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Buy Why Don’t I Wear That? in USD


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